Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Friend In Deed!

My Molly is a special friend! I've had a few with the same smarts and heart. But I must say, Molly tops the list.
It's often opportunity that shows great character and great heart. In her quiet way, she has found them. She just does what she does.
Last night she woke Holly at 2am to let her know pipes had sprung a leak and she needed to get up. She was persistent and would not listen when told to lay down - which normally she would obediently do. Our Mutt paw girl, said "NO, get up."
I cannot explain what sets one dog apart from another - why some seem to understand when something is amiss and others don't. There are thinking dogs. I've known a few. Molly is definately a thinking dog.
Her awareness is beyond broken pipes. Last spring a friend brought a little dog to me that he said needed a home. Little Sheltie, Tobey - 6 months old - was terribly afraid of everything and everyone. The instant he met Molly, he loved her. Everyone who knew Tobey was amazed. Molly is twice his size but treats him with such loving care. Tobey follows and watches everything she does. Slowly, he is learning from her that the world is not so terribly scary.
I wish Molly could tell us her story. The part I don't know. I think it contributes to why she is so special. She had to overcome some things. I believe she knows and remembers that.
The anniversary of our meeting is February 18 - 5 years ago. I had just lost a dog, Shadow (the mirror image of Molly). My other dog, Scooter, was failing. The vet said he was just aging and his days were numbered. I felt certain that it was grief. So, I began searching the Humane Society pages for a possible friend. My own grief over loosing Shadow left me wondering if I wanted to try another but Scooter....
The Venango County website featured a 9 month old, sheppard/lab mix they called "Shimmer" - not because of her beautiful coat but because of her "shimmering" personality.
So, on a snowy Saturday, I called to ask if I could bring Scooter to meet Shimmer. They seemed to hit it off and I brought Shimmer home. Soon I had my sister, Laurie, on the phone and we began testing names. When I said "Molly", my mutt pawed girl perked her ears. We had Molly.
I was off work the next week with our new friend. Scooter perked up and was quickly back to his old self. Molly was a perfect angel. She was house broken. She knew basic commands. I knew someone had really loved this girl and was totally amazed with the perfect fit.
I went back to work. WEEEELLLLLL, the next 6 months or so - Molly became the menace. She destroyed things. She ran away from home at every opportunity. She was not a happy camper. Worst - she suddenly showed a fear of children. It was pet therapy time!
It took a village to turn Molly around. The trainer told me Molly needed a crate. I had never used a crate and was reluctant. But one day she destroyed Laurie's Victoria Secret purchase and I had orders not to return home without a crate!!! As we were setting the crate up, Molly climbed into it. She needed a safe place.
The trainer said she believed Molly was running away because she was looking for someone like her previous owner - probably a man. I thought that odd, until I was walking Molly and we were in a parking lot where there was an 18 Wheeler parked. She ran right up to it and wanted to get in. I believe she was a truck driver's dog.
My nephews Dave and Ben spent time with her. Then Dave moved in with me. Molly stopped running away.
The neighbor children started spending time with her, bringing her treats and she became less fearful of children.
Molly and I attended agility training together and built a stronger bond.
I don't know what happened to her in those nine months before she met me. I believe whoever had her, loved her very much. I wonder if it was a trucker passing through who never meant to loose her and that she loved very much and never meant to loose. In any case, it took her some time to overcome whatever it was. I'm just thankful that she found a connection with me. And I am thankful for those who help me bring this girl around. Now Miss Molly Mutt Paws is passing it on.
She is a friend in Deed!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


The best thing in the world is to find like minded spirits to collaborate with; work, volunteer, or social. You know it's right when everyone involved is lifted up. The power of two... The power of more pulling in the same direction. Energy grows and some brand new energy evolves that none would have ever discovered on their own.
At work it's great to be surrounded by people whom you feel are more talented but act like you are the more talented one. In Volunteering we seek those opportunities that are leading us all in a shared direction of better community. Socially, we want to be surrounded by people who just make us feel happy and worthwhile.
As I think about the collaborations developing in my life today, I am feeling so blessed to have found all those listed above. I'm saddened as I think about the bad collaborations. The individuals I think of drain the life out of others. In bad collaborations, one party is drained - financially, emotionally, socially - and there really is no lift. One plus One should actually equal more than two. In a good collaboration, it does. In a bad collaboration, one is trying to lift the other toward equaling two. But what actually happens is that the one trying to fill the void becomes less than they would be if they were acting alone. One plus one equals less than one. Very bad. One is a vampire - taking life and energy away.
As I write this I see someone I once considered a friend. I watch as she is drained - financially, emotionally and socially. I have been there - collaborating with one who drains the life out of you.
We make choices. Choose carefully those around you. Be a lifter. Realize that those who are not, will likely never be, no matter how much you invest in them.
I am so happy to have learned that my the dearest of my collaborators today! 2011 is going to be a VERY good year.