Monday, April 22, 2013

Lifting Me

Life is full of challenges. We have good times. We have not so good times. What I tend to remember most is who was there. I remember who made the difference. I remember - even if you only lifted me for a brief period of time. And I remember you even if the tide turned and you no longer lifted me. Often I wonder why. And I wonder why I once lifted you, then I could not. Life is full of challenges. I remember how you made me feel - each step of the way. I am on the shorter side of life now. I may still wonder about the why's of life but I am more certain about the importance of lifting one another. It is, I believe, the one universal truth - our purpose is to lift one another. If we can learn to be driven by that one sole purpose in all we do, we will have served well. Every choice we make - every step we take - every thing we say - our purpose is to lift one another so that we all reach higher ground. I want to stand on that spiritual ground - that higher ground - where we lift all those around us. We challenge all around us to lift one another. I want to be surrounded by those seeking higher ground. I want to be surrounded by those who challenge me and lift me. Best of all - I am. You are!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The best we can do

I was very touched by a Roger Ebert quote this week.  To paraphrase:  He said that kindness was at the heart of his political beliefs and our purpose is to spread joy where we are able.  Making someone else unhappy is a crime and making ourselves unhappy is the beginning of crime.
I would change that to say that kindness is at the heart of my religious beliefs and our purpose is to spread joy.  Making someone else unhappy or making ourselves unhappy results in sin.  Jesus did not say "Go forth and spread the bad news - You sinners - you."  He did not say "If you see a splinter in someone's eye, go after it and make laws about it."
We should ask ourselves these questions before making decisions, "Is this based in kindness?"
"Will this result in making others or myself unhappy?"
We are all faced with complicated issues in our lives.  It's tough enough to figure out what we, ourselves should and should not do.  But if we focus on the splinters of others it just makes them and us very unhappy.
Walk softly.  Seek kindness and love.  Use your abilities to spread joy.  That's the best we can do.