Monday, January 30, 2012

Open UP!

There has been a most wonderous and interesting theme I must accept about my past few years. It is the motto I've seen in front of my old church, the Methodist Church; "Open minds, Open hearts and Open doors". When I first saw that they had adopted that moto, I scoffed. But today, I am not writing in criticism, I am writing in inspiration. This is the motto of a lifetime!
It is the theme of my journey in recent years. I needed my mind opened. It opened my heart. It has opened my door.
Every human being shares this - change is hard! Changing our mindset is difficult. I don't care if you are rich or poor, conservative or liberal, gay or straight, white or black, Christian or Bhuddist - change is hard. We are a product of our experiences. We latch onto what we believe to be true because.... because.... because.... While the world is full of shades of gray, it is much easier to look for black and white.. right and wrong... no in between.
The world is not one way or the is somewhere in the middle. Open your mind and it will open your heart and THAT opens doors. The doors that open are full of JOY. Cross over to that place. Open up - enjoy - let freedom in.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grabbing the Gratitude Attitude

I have so very much to be thankful about. I love walking in that knowledge. Hindsight is always 20/20. I can think of dark times in my life and now know there was much more to be thankful about than to be discouraged about.
We do all get dealt some very difficult blows sometimes. But it is how we choose to think and feel that makes the difference. We do have a choice what WE think and feel about anything. Maybe we cannot control a situation but WE CAN control our own thoughts and feelings.
It takes great effort and discipline sometimes. But we can get to the sunny side of the street if we keep walking and keep seeking gratitude in our own spirit.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Change Negative to Positive

"If you have a problem with a member of your family who is negative, begin by writing a list of all the things you appreciate about that person. Remember to include gratitude to them for giving you a great desire for positivity in your life; because that is a gift they are giving you. As you focus with all of your strength on appreciation, you will not only reduce your exposure to the negativity, but at the same time you will be attracting positive people into your life.

Get yourself on to the appreciation frequency, and the law of attraction can only surround you with people who are in a positive state." Rhonda Byrne.

This message came in my email at a moment that was most meaningful. I would change "your family" to anyone who is negative. For many, many months I have pondered the questions: How do we love our ememies? How do we deal with those who have created negative things in our lives? How do we deal with negative people?

Now it begins to make sense. There is the will of that one negative person and THEN there is the will of that one universal IAM. Call it the will of God, call it the law of attraction - I believe it is one, mysterious, universal law. Negativity repels. It is that end of the magnet that pushes things - people - away.
So, if we let that negativity become part of our perspective - even in relation to that negative person - we repel even the good. We have come in contact with that negative person because we needed to learn something or something around them was a positive thing for us. We need to learn to see it and recognize it and be thankful for it.
We are not alone. We are not isolated. And neither are they. If we can learn to see and appreciate the positive - even about them - they might too.
I have said often - it is about lifting one another up. Can we lift our enemies too? Yes, we can.
Now I have work to do as I let this settle in my heart and soul.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This blog is nearing 5000 views which makes me introspective. I started the blog in January 2009 as I was setting out on one of many underground excursions. A couple of friends said to write about the experience so I did. Thus, the name Linda Underground. As I watch the blog statistics, just about every week a few people read one of those first posts; "Catching Up", where I describe what it was like working underground in that particular mine.
After that trip, I kept writing. The blog has become an eclectic mix of thoughts that bubble to the surface (from Linda's Underground). The second most viewed post is from December 2010; "Mythomaniacs". I'm not sure where the interest for that one is coming from - near or far - but every week, several people read that one as well.
The one I'm pleased to see continues to have hits is "Make a Difference" from this past October. I'm hoping it inspires all of us to do a little more and be more open to possibilities.
As I consider what I've put out there for the world to see I ask, have I said things that are meaningful? Would I say things differently today? Should I say more or less? Someone is watching. It does matter to me that I make a positive difference in this world.
To those of you who keep reading, thank you. And I thank you to keep me on a positive path.