Sunday, January 15, 2012


This blog is nearing 5000 views which makes me introspective. I started the blog in January 2009 as I was setting out on one of many underground excursions. A couple of friends said to write about the experience so I did. Thus, the name Linda Underground. As I watch the blog statistics, just about every week a few people read one of those first posts; "Catching Up", where I describe what it was like working underground in that particular mine.
After that trip, I kept writing. The blog has become an eclectic mix of thoughts that bubble to the surface (from Linda's Underground). The second most viewed post is from December 2010; "Mythomaniacs". I'm not sure where the interest for that one is coming from - near or far - but every week, several people read that one as well.
The one I'm pleased to see continues to have hits is "Make a Difference" from this past October. I'm hoping it inspires all of us to do a little more and be more open to possibilities.
As I consider what I've put out there for the world to see I ask, have I said things that are meaningful? Would I say things differently today? Should I say more or less? Someone is watching. It does matter to me that I make a positive difference in this world.
To those of you who keep reading, thank you. And I thank you to keep me on a positive path.

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