Monday, December 26, 2011

Love of a Dog

Two furry friends share these days with me; Marvelous Molly and Timid Tobey. Molly is outgoing with a big heart - a shepherd, lab, rotty mix . Tobey - a sheltie - is so shy that he is frightened of his own shadow. But he sure loves his Miss Molly and he's not shy at all about showing that!
Tobey is afraid of noises. Afraid of lots of commotion. Not too good with changes around him. We got him at about 6 months old and it took a lot of work to get him to trust us. And still, at 2 years old, when he is scared it's hard to comfort and reassure him. He's just scared!
Today, we thought we lost him. A lot was happening in the house and suddenly, he was gone. We searched and called in and around the house - no Tobey. An hour passed. No Tobey. We began to search the neighborhood. We took Molly searching. No one had even seen him. Four of us checked inside the house. No Tobey.
A call to the Oil City Police, a post on Facebook and an amazing chain began. Word of mouth - text messages, people came to join the search. Strangers and friends alike, shared our concern as daylight grew short.
Those who know little timid Tobey knew, if he was out and about, it was not good. When he is afraid, he trusts no one - even those he knows. He could not tell his name nor where he lives. He would simply be afraid and run. As the sun went down, I imagined our little friend afraid and cold somewhere.
Suddenly out of nowhere he appeared. He is safe at home.
The Oil City Police were kindly searching. And many texts and messages poured around the community of our plight. Thank you to all whose prayers surely helped. Love of a dog is widely shared.

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