Sunday, December 4, 2011

You have the Power!

Lately I am reminded of how important it is to be careful where our thoughts and energies go. If we want good things in our lives, we have to be focused on good. We have to surround ourselves in good and positive thoughts and deeds. We have to surround ourselves with good, positive and thoughtful people.
That is not always easy. It's an inside job. We get our spirit in line with what we truly desire.
The world is not always good and positive. People are not always thoughtful.
There have been years of my life lost to trying to change someone else or waiting for them to change or be changed by force. My thoughts and energies became consumed with them - what I wanted THEM to do. All that happened is, my energy was drained. Nothing good or positive came about. I became unhealthy. I gave them power over me.
I had dozens of reasons that I had to continue that course - had to fight the good fight.
One night I asked for a sign - something definitive. The next day I had a stunning revolution that was the complete opposite of what I had been so certain was MY intended course. It was shocking. And I may have dismissed that sign if I hadn't already been preparing my spirit for good and positive things. The sign was shockingly brutal but very clear as I allowed the reality to set in.
And I will tell you this - If you feel you are a victim - If you feel someone else needs to change or DO something to correct YOUR circumstance - you have it all wrong. You are giving that person power over your life - your spirit - your energy - your thoughts.
Get your own spirit in line. Get your own energy where it needs to be. Stop giving them your thoughts. Stop giving them the power. Stop looking for justification to remain a victim!
Learn your own power. And accept it when it becomes obvious what that power is. It may be completely the opposite of what YOU thought it was. Be ready to see it. Then seize it.
On the other side of it, I am in complete awe. The answer to your problem may be completely opposite of what you think they should be and may even seem a little outside your comfort zone. But so amazingly perfect if you just open your eyes and open your spirit. See. Hear.

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