Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family connections

Family connections are so very complicated - and yet sometimes so very simple.
Our years together mean more than any words could ever express. The sight of one another is full of context - memories - feelings - times that no language can touch.
It's as though the cells of our bodies speak to one another of things that cannot be understood. I know it most when I see the children of my closest cousin's. These children who grew in my absence. I see their grandmothers and grandfathers that I knew well. Without knowing them, I know them. I know how they will speak. I know how they walk. I know how they see the world because they see it all, they speak, they walk in the footsteps of those who brought them to this place.
Those children in their teens and twenties and thirties... the ones I did not watch grow up - have carried the past generations with them. They don't even seem to know it. I know who will be less tolerant and more prone to righteousness. I know who will be most able to see things that are not so obvious to most. I know who will be most likely to speak for those who seem unable to speak for themselves. It's in their genetic makeup.
Some carried a thread that came from their great grandmother to their grandmother to their mother - and maybe wasn't their mother's strongest trait - but it carried down to them.
I love to see the glow that is most certainly the best of the best of all of them. I wish they could truly understand when I look at them and say "you remind me of...." And when I say such things, how much they are a gift to me.

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