Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things Money can't buy

Some people get frustrated during the holiday season because our focus seems out of kilter - about what we can buy each other.
I don't mind much. I enjoy times we set aside to do something special for one another. No matter what time of year, I most treasure those things that money just can't buy.
Behind those things are love and kindness and thoughtfulness.
On my wall is a present from my brother - one of his photos - which is a wonderful gift. But he gave me that particular photo because I was with him when he shot it! Priceless!!!
Kind words from a stranger, wisdom from a friend, a girlfriend cooking lesson, a poem just for you.... These are the things to cherish.
It's those moments, those gifts of time and thought that matter. Give me a special book or make me one - what you make me is priceless!
Taking a moment to right my path when you see me falter - that is a gift money cannot buy.
Speak up to defend me when you see me wronged - that is a gift money cannot buy.
Speak kindly of me, speak kindly to me - these are gifts that money cannot buy.
So, if you feel a little weary with Holiday madness, look for those things that money just won't buy. Be that person that gives a kind word to the stranger, wisdom to the friend, a cooking lesson or a poem. If not today - one day - the recipient may realize those are the things to cherish. And to those of who see yourself in this post - yes, I am thinking of you and thankful for you in my life.

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