Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Show ratings are dropping but everyone's watching

Barely into the season, the show's ratings have tanked and may be taking the entire network's ratings down with it. The presumed "star" of the show has obviously not read the script and simply ad libs his lines leaving the rest of cast scrabbling to try to add narrative that creates a plausible plot. Ironically, the "star" blames the rest of the cast for the failures. For viewers it's like watching ping pong balls dropping in a huge room and wondering where they will eventually land.
Oddly, the network knew the pilot was a flop and should have foreseen that an actual show was going to be quite messy. But someone pulled strings to ensure this show went on the air - popularity or ratings be damned.
So, what to do now? Is the "star" actually the biggest problem? Has the network lost all credibility and ability to create something that's productive?
Buckle up. It's going to get bumpy. Or start practicing ping pong. We may all need to deflect some of the strays flying around.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Trickle UP, not trickle down...."

As I look around my community, there are many who may have voted differently in national elections but I fully support their local efforts. They are working on serious issues that trickle up - that lift our community UP. I see people who see a need and jump in to solve that problem. I see PEOPLE who want to build a better community for themselves and those around them.
There are the PEOPLE who cannot fathom a four pawed creature lost and who will dedicate countless hours searching for them. There are PEOPLE who stop in the middle of the street to rescue an injured or lost pet and spend countless hours finding the right home.
There are PEOPLE who spend endless time and money in our local Mustard seed program to help homeless people or to rehab homes for those in need. They are not liberal or conservative - they are PEOPLE - who care and serve without expectation except to make the world a better place.
They are preserving local legacy and local spaces. They are restoring local iconic structures. This is huge in terms that cannot be quickly summarized but can be seen long term as significant value added to our community.
Often we are caught up in the HUGE stuff - the global and national dramas. Our work, our promise, our impact, lies right here and right now. We can trickle up. We can set examples. We can show how things get done and how problems are solved. It's right here. It's right now. Just do it.
Many of us feel that what is happening in the big house is not consistent with our values and beliefs. Ok. Express those views. But if you really want to drive change - Trickle up. It doesn't trickle down. WE need to set the standards. WE need to set the example. Let's get something done.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Snowflakes" and "Libtards"

It's shocking to see "those snowflakes" - "libtards" - and other similar slurs from people who have at some time, told me they loved me - from people I love. They know me well enough to know that I have very different views from them, and yes, I know they label me liberal. Do they call me, think of me, when they use those labels?
It causes me to pause.
Do they believe, do I, view them through similar filters?
It causes me to pause.
It causes me to be more cautious in what I say and do. It's policy and practice that matters. If we allow ourselves to be calloused and hardened to perspectives other than ours, we can learn nothing. We learn nothing when we label and isolate "others".  We learn nothing when we stubbornly hold onto any ideology. We don't know, what we don't know and we won't if we cannot learn to communicate civilly, Or to simply learn to communicate policy and practice that makes sense to the other person.
It causes me to pause and be more cautious.
I most value my conservative friends who are able to provide information that demonstrates policy and practice that has a track record of success. These are the people who simply communicate what makes sense and what makes sense needs no label - conservative or liberal.
I find little to no value in the label throwers on either side. They are simply throwing spears that make no difference in the world except to raise mistrust and create greater division.
Call a falsehood, a falsehood. Site sources. Communicate policy and practice that makes sense. Quit with the spear throwing. We have work to do. Support people who understand that and hold higher standards. We need high standards right now. It starts with us.