Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Show ratings are dropping but everyone's watching

Barely into the season, the show's ratings have tanked and may be taking the entire network's ratings down with it. The presumed "star" of the show has obviously not read the script and simply ad libs his lines leaving the rest of cast scrabbling to try to add narrative that creates a plausible plot. Ironically, the "star" blames the rest of the cast for the failures. For viewers it's like watching ping pong balls dropping in a huge room and wondering where they will eventually land.
Oddly, the network knew the pilot was a flop and should have foreseen that an actual show was going to be quite messy. But someone pulled strings to ensure this show went on the air - popularity or ratings be damned.
So, what to do now? Is the "star" actually the biggest problem? Has the network lost all credibility and ability to create something that's productive?
Buckle up. It's going to get bumpy. Or start practicing ping pong. We may all need to deflect some of the strays flying around.

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