Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Henderson House

Some years ago (I'm bad with passage of time), my sister Laurie and I imagined that the brick house on Elk Street could be a guest house. It would be a place where we could welcome visitors and help them find all the wonderful things our region has to offer. And it has been a guest house to many already with friends and family staying there when need arose.
Laurie and I thought of many names for it. Informally, it's been called "the Brick House" but finally it's landed on it's most appropriate name, "The Henderson House". It's most appropriate not because that is my name, but that is the name that is historically accurate. It is named for Miles R. and Freda Henderson who built that house. In that, I am honoring a part of the family I never knew but also honoring my own family with the name.
We started a guest book with my own house experiences and what we know of M.R. and Freda. I'm sure we'll be adding details. Fortunately many who occupied the house before me preserved important features - the mantel, woodwork and overall layout of the house. It even still has the original, intact and sound, slate roof which I'm quite protective about having only allowed renowned slate roof experts to maintain it. I'm hopeful that with their help it will long outlast me.
The house will be a balance of preservation and creation of a place that provides comfort and welcome for all who stay there. I love this house. I love sharing it. And I love making it some place special. Can't wait for Laurie to see what we've done so far!

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