Monday, January 30, 2012

Open UP!

There has been a most wonderous and interesting theme I must accept about my past few years. It is the motto I've seen in front of my old church, the Methodist Church; "Open minds, Open hearts and Open doors". When I first saw that they had adopted that moto, I scoffed. But today, I am not writing in criticism, I am writing in inspiration. This is the motto of a lifetime!
It is the theme of my journey in recent years. I needed my mind opened. It opened my heart. It has opened my door.
Every human being shares this - change is hard! Changing our mindset is difficult. I don't care if you are rich or poor, conservative or liberal, gay or straight, white or black, Christian or Bhuddist - change is hard. We are a product of our experiences. We latch onto what we believe to be true because.... because.... because.... While the world is full of shades of gray, it is much easier to look for black and white.. right and wrong... no in between.
The world is not one way or the is somewhere in the middle. Open your mind and it will open your heart and THAT opens doors. The doors that open are full of JOY. Cross over to that place. Open up - enjoy - let freedom in.


  1. You and I are in similar spots. Very similar, and you word it so much better than I do. Doesn't it feel great to let go of the lines?

  2. Really it is a huge challenge. If we want people to accept us - on our terms - we have to as well. That's a real stretch sometimes. And when we consider how much of a stretch it is for us, we can begin to understand how much of a stretch it is for those who may not agree with us.