Thursday, March 26, 2009


This last week I watched both Milk and the documentary about Harvey Milk.  And I thought about my life.  My life.  Underground.  I remember those days.  I entered college in 1975.  By 1977, I accepted that I was a lesbian.  And, while in college, I wanted to start a revolution.  
Instead, in 1978, I entered the USAF.  I had to pretend I was not a lesbian.  Several years into my military service, I got a top secret security clearance.  I was a lesbian.  My supervisor suspected so.  And, he asked as he told me my clearance had come through, "How do you feel about gay people in the military having a top secret security clearance?"  
'Gay people aren't supposed to be in the military', I answered. 
 "But if they are, they could be blackmailed." He said.  
'And if they admit to being gay, they are honorably discharged, correct?'  I said, "But if they give away top secret information, they are charged with treason, correct?'
He acknowledged.
'Which would you choose?', I asked.
He asked no more questions.  I served my time in the USAF - honorably, without instance.  Underground.

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