Friday, October 1, 2010

Stopping a Bully Movement

How did Hitler and the Nazi's build a movement that allowed millions of people to be killed and detained in concentration camps? Why didn't people stand up to stop it?
One country did! As the Nazi's moved into Denmark, one young man started a movement to stop a bully movement. One young man!!! He was 17.
PBS ran the Documentary "A Force More Powerful" 10 years ago. You can read more on Below is an except from that site describing what Arne Sejr did.

"Ten Commandments for Danes

Arne Sejr was seventeen when the Germans invaded. On the first day of the occupation, he noticed that people in his small town were friendly to the German soldiers, and he was outraged. He went home and typed up twenty-five copies of a list of "commandments" to his fellow Danes:

1. You must not go to work in Germany and Norway.

2. You shall do a bad job for the Germans.

3. You shall work slowly for the Germans.

4. You shall destroy important machines and tools.

5. You shall destroy everything that may be of benefit to the Germans.

6. You shall delay all transport.

7. You shall boycott German and Italian films and papers.

8. You must not shop at Nazis' stores.

9. You shall treat traitors for what they are worth.

10. You shall protect anyone chased by the Germans.

Join the Struggle for the freedom of Denmark!

Sejr then stuffed his list into the mailboxes of the most prominent people in his town. The commandments were later recopied and passed from hand to hand to people all over the country."

Please study your history! As the Nazi's gained momentum, much of the world was in a deep economic slump. Excellent communicators built a base of hatred and fear. Good and decent people stood by as those feared populations were rounded up and taken away. It wasn't only the Jews.

Fear can take over. Our own McCarthy era is a prime example. A threat of communism became a huge fear. Thousands of people were branded and blacklisted. If citizens like Edwin R. Morrow had not stood up and spoken up, a mob mentality could have prevailed.

We have that same threat today. As I hear the rhetoric of the Tea Party movement, I see that same mentality. Outrageous claims based on strange rationale and fears, threatens to sweep this country. Good and decent people - don't stand by!!! Hatred and fear is not our final solution. Think! Act! Speak! Don't stand idly by as the bully's work to round up those who have nothing to do the actual issues at hand. THINK!

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