Thursday, March 3, 2011

Middle Ground

I am a great believer in middle ground. We each come from differing experiences and perspectives and more often than not, if we dig deep, opposing positions do really have some common goals. But all parties need to be interested in finding that middle ground!
So often we stand by in situations, not wanting to "get in the middle". We don't just look at who we believe is right or wrong but look at the outcome. Who is going to win? Let's make sure we are aligned with the "winning" side. Corruption reigns because of this attitude. Bullies win because no one wants to stand against them.
We moan. We groan. We talk among ourselves about how terrible the corrupt one is and all that they have done. But --- middle ground. "Do you stand a chance?", standing against them, ask the bystanders. If uncertain, the middle grounder will stay on middle ground waiting for the dust to settle.
On real issues, on those issues of corruption and criminal behavior, there is no middle ground! Standing in the middle when you are certain of corruption and criminal behavior is exactly the same as watching someone being beaten on the street and doing nothing. It is not middle ground. It is community negligence! Who is the next victim?
Are you standing on "middle ground" as a friend or neighbor is taken by a known con artist? Are you standing for anything at all?
Middle ground is the place we seek when all parties are truly seeking solutions and better community. Middle ground is not a place to hide from taking a stand toward solutions and better community.

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