Friday, April 29, 2011

Create Joy

I looked around a room of 20 women this morning - all gathered early for a Royal Wedding party - and realized how important it is to create simple joy. We wore hats for our own "royal" picture. Hats have become a humorous symbol of several groups of women I know recently. And perhaps the hats symbolize a simple embracing of fun and the creation of joy - a lifting of spirits for no other reason than to lift spirits.
A group of American women gathered in the wee hours of the morning to watch a Royal Wedding. To me, these were no ordinary women and it wasn't about watching a royal wedding. It's was about a reason to get together for a created special purpose. One with no agenda at all except getting together to comment on hats, the young couple, the pomp and have some coffee and crumpets.
I'm part of a facebook group of women who have been doing these kinds of events for over a year now. No one is in charge. Anyone who wants posts an event and whomever can come will come. Sometimes it's coffee in the morning. Sometimes it's an outing. Sometimes it's a birthday celebration. Sometimes a movie night. Always it is a creation of joy. We are building strong bonds as we get to know each other - with no agenda except to create and share joy.
I am learning from these strong women that joy is mine. But it is sweetest when it is shared with as many as possible. I am also learning that no one can steal our joy without our consent. So, don't consent!
If you are reading this and thinking 'it all sounds like a lot of silliness to me', you are right. And that is what makes it so wonderful. It's art. It's playtime. It's getting together for no other purpose than the fun of it.
Why is play time so important for children? Because they learn how to get along with others. From what I've been seeing in the news, on the internet, and on TV, I think we adults need to find a way to get along with others. Play time might just do it.
Over the past year it sure has helped me to see the human side of people I may never have gotten to know otherwise. If you would have asked me a few years ago if I would see myself getting up in the wee hours of the morning to watch a royal wedding with a group of women - some I barely know - I'd have laughed and said 'think not'.
I did. I loved it. I wore a hat. I've smiled all day about it. Simple joy.
Thank you Sonja - our special royal mayor.


  1. you have to know, if I were closer, I would have definately been in on that one. Please tell me someone took a pic of the hats.

    I always say, your inner child needs at least one "treat" per day. I hope in our journey together you have seen and shared that with me.

    I love what life has done to us! Those years that we "struggled, fought, feared (etc)" or as I have always refered to as "the character building" years, are finally paying off. It is so good to see, read and hear stories like these.

    I miss you, but more importantly, I am so glad to see you having fun and I can rest assured that you are cared for & loved. I am thankful for the GF's that I can be here and know that you will be all right. (I didn't know that it would take so many women to replace me--LOL!)

    Shine, sister! You've earned this day.

  2. You are so sweet!!! And yes, I feel I am surrounded by sisters like you. Why did it take so long to learn to choose carefully?

  3. Linda, I am blessed to have you as a GF!! I look forward to many years of sharing joy and building memories of those times together.