Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IT just IS

In an earlier post I talked about visiting a few local churches and how transforming it has been for me - helping me get over fears of religious bigotry. In reaction to many difficult situations, I have to admit to having stereotyped Christian churches and church people. Despite having grown up in a Christian home and pretty much identified as Christian, I grew to dislike the word "christian" and reacted badly to it. I am thankful that friends have taken me to task on that and encouraged me to face this fear - to recognize this stereotype. I have felt welcomed in a Methodist Church, a Catholic Church and most welcomed in a Presbyterian Church.
The experience has provoked some very pointed and deep discussions about Christianity with some of my dear friends. With great love and concern, I have learned that their motivation revolves around wanting me to be with them in the "next life". Knowing that they view this "next life" as eternal, they must like me a lot. Why would you want to spend eternity with someone you don't like?
So, where am I in this journey? First, my assessment of "religion" of any form is that it is merely a philosophy. A philosophy is difficult to prove right or wrong - especially when much of it is based on what will happen after you die. Your guess is as good as mine. It appears to me, most people are trying to hedge their bets. Who is most convincing in assuring a ticket to the best outcome? What I hear is - "just buy the ticket, silly woman."
And then I think, "Silly woman, who has a ticket, really?" What's for sale?
It's all philosophy. By what standard are you going to live your life?
Do you believe there is a devil? Ahhhh, then, "the devil is in the details." If we are caught up in the "details" of everyone believing in the things we believe - it's a devil!
I believe there is a positive force that we can choose or not choose. To me, that positive force is God - however you see her or him or it. That is the source of all life, all death, all power. That IS the GREAT it IS. And perhaps I am even wrong in calling it positive or negative. IT IS. IT is the force - the energy of all things - IT is everywhere and always and ever will be. We can surrender to it or resist it but IT IS and always WILL BE. Our best hope is to understand that power and how to become one with it. I believe that is what Jesus tried to teach us. And I believe we lost much of his message along the way because humans tried to make it something else. IT just IS.


  1. I enjoyed singing with you at Jennifer's birthday party. We need to do that again. I hope that can happen. As far as your post. God desires us to listen for his call. But He wants us to Love hime and others in the same way he loves us unconditional. The problems with humans there are always conditions!! Peace Tim

  2. Amen. I'm discovering a lot of what you're discovering. The way I look at it is that I was Baptized and the rest is up to me. The fact that I've finally found a Church that has encouraged the Spirit to grow within me and mature me as a Christian. Knowing what I know and what I have learned: I'll see you in Heaven. Don't sweat that. Those who tell you otherwise...I'm sorry they couldn't come along.

  3. religion is a form of philosophy, no doubt. lets not confuse religion with our relationship with Christ. many religions exist, i believe a christian has a relationship with Christ, or at least it should correlate. religion is many things other than a relationship with Christ. You never fail to amaze me with your writing. when you wrote 'that IS the GREAT it IS', my head thought HE is the GREAT IAM. when you say 'IT IS' i think IAM is who she writes about. you describe the very God i love and serve, just using your own inspired words. When you write 'IT is everywhere and always and ever will be', yep i could not agree with you more. The great IAM is what you describe. our best hope is to understand that power and how to become one with it. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt the way we understand and become one with it, is through a relationship with Jesus Christ. is there heaven and hell, absolutely! is man fallen and miserable, absolutely! are some people trying to hedge their bets, absolutely! is the ticket for sale? NO. you said it yourself, 'we can surrender to it or resist it' the ticket is offered, you can say yes or no. 'but IT IS and always WILL BE' same words i would use to describe the the Great IAM. The ticket, well admitting i am a sinner in need of a savior, seeing Christ as a mediator, the man who took punishment for sin he did not commit, the man who ransom his life as a sacrifice so that i could one day stand in the presence of a Holy God, well i want that ticket. its the ticket that says pass to the other line, all judgement and condemnation for your sin has been paid for, its the line for the eternal banquet with the great IAM. I know i sin every day, i know i am 'as filthy rags', i know i will never be 'good enough', i just know i know, i need a saviour. And Jesus Christ the son of God Almighty is my answer. I have said yes, i want to be forgiven of all my sins, yes i want the ticket that puts me in a line leading to the eternity party worshiping the Great IAM, and yes i am motivated for everyone i know or ever meet to be at that party. i want everyone i know to be at the same party, here on earth as well as in heaven.

  4. I believe what is most important is that one is on a spiritual journey centered on Love and peace. We name our spirit guides or we don't. And that's ok. It's a very personal thing and has to have meaning to us personally.
    It should help us better understand the world around us and provide a moral compass.
    All I know for sure is that I don't know very much at all. But I'm listening and plan to keep learning the rest of my life.

  5. Tat tvam asi! =(You are It!)

    Bhagavad Gita