Monday, January 14, 2013

Are you Entitled?

Have you noticed a smaller paycheck?  I'm somewhat humored that it's referred to as the payroll tax.  It seems those talking about it are avoiding saying it is our Social Security tax.  It is what you and I are paying into the Social Security system, which in the past was considered a government sponsored insurance program for the masses.
Today it's often referred to as an "entitlement program".  HMMMMM.  I don't mind paying into an insurance policy.  I pay my car insurance.  I pay my house insurance.  I pay for extra disability insurance at work.  I have life insurance.  If anyone began calling those "entitlement programs", I would take issue what that.  I pay for these things in expectation that they will be there for me when I need them.
I'm certain over the years I have paid far more in car insurance than I will ever use in my lifetime.  So far I have paid years of house insurance and never used it.  It's likely that I have paid far more into Social Security than I will ever use in my lifetime.  That's how insurance works.  Some people wind up paying more and using less than other people do.  Imagine your car or homeowner insurer suddenly acting somewhat miffed that you would actually expect them to cover what you had been paying into under the belief of coverage like it was some sort of entitlement.
I don't mind paying a little more if it's honestly needed.  And I don't mind paying a little more to ensure that it is there when I need it - in the way I have been told that it would be there for the past 35+ years that I've paid into it.  Yes, I kind of think I'm entitled to believe it ought to be there.  When I pay for something, I think I'm entitled to get what I believe I'm paying for in return.
I think we are all ENTITLED to expect that the people we pay to watch over these things, don't give themselves a better deal than they provide everyone else.  The people pointing the "entitlement" finger in Congress provide themselves a pretty cushy deal.  They don't need to work until 65 or 67 to receive a government sponsored pension.  They have no concern over health benefits.  We need to start pointing the Entitlement finger back at them.

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