Monday, February 11, 2013

What's your emotional number?

What's your emotional number?  How low are your valleys?  How high are your peaks?
I've been called a flat liner.  I tend not to get too excited one way or the other.  Of course we all have peaks and valleys.  That's life.  There are meant to be cycles.
I'm thinking I'd like to chart my emotional life - find my emotional number - the general curve - the number that reflects my emotional number.  So, first I've had to come up with a numbering system - 1 to 10 - and what each means.  Next, I have to determine how often I note the number and how the day gets rated.  Every day has its own unique peaks and valley's.  Perhaps it's best to check the chart and see how many things or times may be noteworthy, then take the average.
So - first - here is the chart I think I'll use.

What should be our goal?  What is emotional wellness?  I don't know the answer.  I'm going to try tracking a bit and see where I believe I am on this chart.  Hopefully the average is high and the peaks and valleys are not so wide.
An even bigger question is - how can we help each other move up the chart?  It can't always be a 10 but let's hope we can keep above a 5 as an average.

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