Saturday, November 2, 2013

Advice from Molly Mutt Paws and Timid Tobey

Molly Mutt Paws and Timid Tobey Sheltie have a lot of good advice about dealing with relationships and I realize I should pay more attention to what they know.   Well, a few I may need to discuss with them further.

Molly says:
1)  Always be excited to see your human even if they were only gone 5 minutes.
2)  It's ok to ask for things but don't get too disappointed if the answer is no.
3)  Don't leave messes.
4)  If you do leave a mess, blame Tobey.
5) If you really, really want something your human doesn't want you to have, take it and apologize later.
6)  Practice a really sad and sorry look.  It's very effective on humans.
7)  Be willing to go anywhere, any time.
8)  Have a dedicated pouting area.
9)  Be persistent if your human is ignoring you.
10)  Don't worry about yesterday.

Tobey says:
1)  If you don't want to do something, act clueless.
2)  Even if you're scared, try really, really hard to get closer to nice people.
3)  Pick someone you trust (Like Molly) and try to do whatever she does.
4)  Be playful as much as possible.
5)  Have a safe spot where you can hide or kick back and spread out.
6)  Look at things through a veil sometimes.  It's very interesting.
7)  If you don't want to get close to people, at least talk to them.
8)  If your human won't pet you, get under their hand and move around.  Pretty soon they get it.
9)  Let Molly win but let her know you could win if you wanted.
10)  What's yesterday?

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