Monday, December 30, 2013

The Good News

We need to spread the Good News.
Jesus came to tell the world that God loves us all.  In those days, the Jewish people believed they were the chosen ones and that only by following Jewish law could a person find favor with God.
The Good News was and still is that we are all chosen and all Children of God.
Even more important is the rest of the Good News and this is the part that is often lost in the translation of the message.  Jesus told us and showed us how to save the world.  Love God.  Love our neighbor as ourselves.  This is our salvation and the salvation of the world.
For several thousand years, man has been muddying that message;  first in defining God and next with defining which neighbor to love as ourselves.  Piety and righteousness are far removed from the Good News and often Jesus taught that this would not gain favor with God.
We first need to let go of the notion that God has a chosen people - not Jew - not Christian - not Protestant - not Catholic - not Muslim - not Buddhist - not Hindu - not you and not me.  God loves all equally and unconditionally.  Put down your stone.  Quit looking for splinters.
We cannot define God in human terms or in human ways.  We need to bow to that knowledge and simply view "God" as the source of all things and a part of all things.  Be in awe of that!  It is infinitely complex and infinitely simple.
If we can do that first, we begin to see everything around us in a different light.  Nothing and no one is separate from God.  We are all part of the whole.  The glue that holds the whole together is love.  Anything other separates us both from God and from one another.
We may each come to our understanding of "God" in a unique way and by a different name.  Look for the glue (love) and the salvation - one source and that source is bound in love.  This is the truth.  This is the Good News.  This is how the world is saved.  This is our salvation.

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