Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thank you - Why I write....

Often someone asks, "why do you write all that?"
The stories vary from what pets are doing - to community - to current events - to deeper thoughts. The best answer that I can give is that getting my thoughts in writing is kind of like satisfying an itch. It's there and I have to scratch it. The thoughts roll around in my head and I just have to write them down.
Within my blog domain lies many drafts that are never published. A thought comes but it doesn't seem quite complete or cohesive enough to share. Often I go back and fill it in or re-write or.... I'm curious that people do read it once it's posted. I'm curious to see what old posts capture someone's attention. But if no one reads them, I would still have to write. I cannot explain it. And I cannot dismiss the underlying sense that someone, somewhere, sometime, will think the words are meaningful. So, it is not for me alone - scratching an itch. Indeed, there is hope that someone may not feel alone in their questioning or their experience - whatever it might be.
Often I can write something easier than I can say it to someone. The words can be reviewed and changed as often as needed before sharing. That is comforting. Then once released, I must accept that someone may not understand - they many not agree - they may not like... I try not to let them go until I am ready to accept that agreement.
Now this blog is nearing 16,000 views. In the larger scale of the world, that is not too big. But I am a tiny little fish in a small pond. Why would people visit me this many times if I am not somewhat interesting? I am ok with those viewing and not agreeing. I thank you for giving me a few moments of the precious time we share. If I have only made you think and caused you to smile a bit, it matters to me. Because of you, I am not alone. And if you have found me, you are not alone.
Quite likely, I will scratch this itch as long as my days allow. Thank you for tagging along.

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