Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jeepers version of Cat and Mouse

Lately Jeepers must be feeling bored and has developed a new game. In this new game, I am the cat trying to catch the mouse and he is the mouse. If he is in the house, he dashes to escape to the outside. If I am outside going in, he dashes to enter before I close the door (not realizing he is around to dash the door.)
He likes to tease me when he is outside - coming just so close and being quite chatty - but evading me if I try to capture him. The other night I tried to get him in for the night and he ran into the garage so I closed the door and chased him around in the garage. All the while he is making little cat sounds that can be interpreted as - "Ha - catch me if you can." I finally gave up and left him in the garage for the night. At least, I thought, he was safe. And in the morning, he was quite happy to run straight into the house.
Now there may be another explanation for his behavior. He is very observant of the routines of Tobey and Molly Mutt Paws. He's even developed a taste for dog food which Tobey is having a difficult time understanding when Jeepers takes over his dish at dinner time. He watches as they go out each time and seems to want to follow along. He may be expressing dismay that they have a privilege he has not enjoyed. Oddly, when he escapes, he even returns to the same whistle I use to call the dogs.
I'll keep analyzing and try to determine what's going on. For now, I'm feeling like the cat having a hard time catching the mouse. Not real good at this game and he is.

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