Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Let Spirit Lead You

There are signs of a spiritual awakening. We see it as more people are growing sensitive to and aware of social injustices. But we also see it as oppressors grow more extreme and outrageous in attempts to stifle spiritual awakening.
Spiritual awakening is threatening to those who love power and institutional religious ritualized dogma. The spirit has no need of physical or emotional power. In spirit, we are free and at peace. Spirit is not tied to or separate from anything. As children, full of wonder, we know that. Then the world sets out to tell us otherwise.
We're taught to fear. We're taught to seek power and become conquerors and then to seek salvation from the savagery that we were carefully taught to revere. Inner woven are odd threads of blood and sacrifice, timed rituals, robotic chants, strangely tied to hope of spiritual enlightenment and salvation.
Salvation is not given to us, it is given through us. To be born again is to be spiritually wakened. It does not matter what order the candles are lit. No blood is required. What matters is for you to become a light. You are the candle. The light is passed to you and through you.
All the great spiritual teachers had the same message. Do no harm. And one great harm is to ignore social injustice. Their heart bled for those who were oppressed. They saw it. They spoke about it. They acted. Salvation flowed through them. Spirit flowed through them. The light flowed through them. It did not flow through them so that they must be sacrificed. That is not from the spirit. The world devours, not spirit. Spirit has no need for destruction. There in lies the deception.
It's no so complicated. No book is going to to unlock it. No ritual is going to unlock it. Just stop and listen. Hear and do. Let salvation flow to you and through you. It's not a physical thing that happens. It's a spiritual thing that takes over. Be reborn. Let spirit lead you. Nothing is lost or sacrificed. All is freely given.

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