Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The political and personal

This political campaign is quite fascinating. On one hand it's encouraging to see that so many people are engaged and watching the many debates. On the other hand, it's quite discouraging to see how many people focus on and believe sweeping generalizations that contain misinformation and no substantive solutions for the many issues we face.
On one hand, it seems encouraging that someone is beholding to no-one as they finance their campaign for president. On the other hand, that means they have no allegiance to me either. 
I'm the "little gal" who has squeaked along - worked hard - paid my way best I can. I have fought. I have scratched. I have demanded equal rights as a woman - as an "other". I did not have a rich daddy. I have been passed over. I have been paid less. I have fought against dishonesty and corruption. I have served my country.
I want a President and a governing body that understands ME. I want a President and governing body that represents ME.
I am weary of misinformation - sweeping rhetoric - and NO substantive solutions. Let's talk about what needs to be done and how we get it done. Then let's do it. "Trust me, I will" is not cutting it with me. Tell me exactly how. Show me a history of how you have. Then you will get my attention.
I cannot understand why so many people are willing to settle for less than that. Let's get something done. Let's solve something.
Do some fact checking with reliable sources. Set some clear objectives for expected outcomes. Think a little bit. Just a little. Take just a little time to remove yourself from the knee jerk response and think.
Who is really going to do the things you believe need done? Who's really going to work for you?

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