Saturday, June 11, 2016

About that wall.....

Does anyone remember the Secure Fence Act of 2006? With some bi-partisan support, Congress passed a law authorizing construction of a double fence with high tech security features that would stretch the length of the US-Mexican border. Estimated at a cost of 1.4 Billion dollars, the actual cost to complete it ballooned to over $4 Billion and congress never authorized the funds to finish it. The construction cost would be more than the entire Border Patrol budget.
I wondered then, and wonder now with all the "wall" talk, if anyone thought about preventing tunnels? And what about the thousands of miles of coast line on the Atlantic and in the Gulf? What's to prevent someone from making a hot air balloon and crossing by air?
This country is really good at treating symptoms but unbelievably inept at solving problems. We're also very good at magnifying issues out of proportion largely because we don't think past soundbites.
The United States is descending into a pit of ignorance and drowning in twisted fears.
Perhaps we need to build a dome over the country. Or perhaps just dome off a part of the country and let the "wall" people live together for a while. Make sure it's bullet proof and no one can get in EVER. Let them take as many guns and as much ammo as they want. They can feel very safe together, right?
I'd feel much safer on the other side and I would not be looking in. I hate horror movies.

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