Sunday, April 16, 2017

Our tiny fragile seeds - Tomorrow

A seed is little more than a hope for tomorrow. It is tiny and fragile and needs just the right conditions to grow. It grows - tomorrow.
Every day we have on this earth is a time to plant seeds. We plant seeds that might grow - tomorrow. But we are also the keepers of seeds. We can provide just the right conditions for seeds to grow. We can be the fertilizer, the water and the sunshine. We can also preserve seeds for another season.
When we think of life cut short, we tend to focus on tomorrow not coming. But tomorrow always comes and then it doesn't quite come in the way we believe or expect.
We see life as what we know and want it to be. It's this cycle in which we live and breath.
We are seeds. We are water. We are fertilizer. We are sunshine. We are keepers of the seed.
Our time here is short. Many of us search for the meaning and a defining mission. But I'm guessing, the meaning and definition are simply ours to decide. Plant seeds. Be a keeper of seeds. Water seeds. Nurture seeds. Shine light on seeds. That's it.
If you are doing one of those things, without malice and with a kind heart, believing in a tomorrow - past you - you are finding your mission and meaning in life. You are no more or less important than the tree in the forest. You simply have more mobility.
Preserve seeds worthy of replanting. Plant seeds worth growing. Shine on seeds that will grow and spread more of the best there is to offer. Nurture what will make a better tomorrow. Be a keeper of the best seeds. Create more hope for tomorrow.
We are tiny and fragile. Our time is short. What will you do with this short time?

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