Friday, October 30, 2009

The Social Movement of our Times

Throughout our nations history there have been periods of social movement. Many struggles for social justice peaked. The abolitionist movement, the union movement, the suffragist movement, the civil rights movement. If you are like me, you see these times in history as exciting and important.
Those days are not gone. The movement for equality and justice continues. As long as injustice and inequality remain, our voices must rise to speak against them.  Always our goal should be to build a better society for all.  Sadly, it appears to be human nature to identify and separate people based on some form of "otherness".  
Today marks a wave toward social justice for LGBT people.  I urge you to be part of it.  Do not sit on the sideline and later wish you had been there.  It is now.  It is here.  And you can have a voice.
And know that social justice will not stop here.  Let this wave continue.  Let this wave move toward a greater understanding of fairness and equality for all.  
We all share some kind of "otherness".  If not today, you could be the "other" of tomorrow.  The true test comes down to how we, as individuals, care for those around us - irrespective of our "otherness".  Truth.  Honesty.  Respect.  If I am different but am truthful, honest and respectful of you, I can expect the same in return - even if you are different from me.
That old Golden Rule.  That old Golden Rule.

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