Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today and Now

There's much to be said about living in the moment.  This day - what lies right before us - can be as magical and wonderful as we allow it to be.  We clutter our hearts and minds with fears.  Fears based on the past.  Fears based on what might or should be in the future.  Fears imposed upon us by others.
I recall an old quote that went something like this;  "Yesterday is gone, forget about it.  Tomorrow has not come, don't worry about it.  Today is here, live it."
Of course, that is cliche and terribly black and white, but the central truth is that if yesterday and tomorrow are holding you back from today, you aren't really living.  We need to remember the mistakes of yesterday so we don't repeat them.  We need to remember that mistakes we make today are likely to hold consequences tomorrow.  But, if this day - this moment - we act with a true heart, deep respect, love and kindness, we can live without fear.  
Our lives ripple across many others.  Sometimes those surrounding us are creating waves against us and even threaten to drown us.  Most often, the churning is based in fear.  Fear, not hate, is the opposite of love.

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