Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sister Girlfriends!

I grew up with four sisters - all with wonderfully diverse personalities.  At one point, all five of us shared the same room!  You can imagine how that was.  Sometimes we fought one another - even actual knock down, drag out fights.  We cried together.  We told one another our secrets.  We schemed together.  Through it all, we loved each other and love each other still.
We have gone too long of times without seeing or talking to one another.  We have had major differences.  But if one of my sisters calls needing me, I will drop the world to be there for her.  Our tenderness with one another has grown.  We say 'I love you' a lot more and a lot easier.
These sisters I speak of are not blood sisters.  They are step-sisters.  But we grew up together and, we have chosen each other.  We remain full sisters by choice.  Distance scatters us and we cannot see one another as often as we should, but they are mine.
A wonderful group of women have emerged around me this year.  Strong sisters!  As with my other sisters, I am the sole lesbian.  But I do believe, every strong woman is a lesbian at some level.  Forgive the labels.  Women identified women!  The connections between us vary.  It is not necessarily sexual but it is deeply affectionate.  To me, it is a spiritual connection.
I am thankful for it.  I am thankful for all my sisters.
Generally, I find, that these strong women - if attached to men - are attached to some pretty awesome men who are confident and comfortable in their relationships.  As a primarily 'woman identified woman' on most all levels, this has been interesting for me to learn.  Some pretty awesome men have helped me to understand it.  One is my bother - who grew up in a whole house full of sisters.  And two pretty awesome guys I work with have had a lot to say.

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