Saturday, October 29, 2011

Downsize to upscale

A young musician friend told me to never leave the audience on a sad song.
My last post may have sounded like a sad song. It was a message and the message is this - if you want good things in your life, shed the bad.
There will never be room for positive things in our lives if we hang on to negative things. Walk to the light! Walk in the light!
Friends tonight were talking about helping people downsize. Interesting that we get to a "certain age" and realize we have filled our lives with clutter. Now I am wondering why we can't figure out earlier and on our own what is clutter and what is not?
In recent years I have been most impressed by people who don't let "clutter" fill their lives. They can focus on what is important and what matters. Over the course of years, they have developed filters. "In with the good and out with the bad." They hurt sometimes. They care deeply. But they have clear visions of what they want their lives to be and what they want for the community around them. They CARE! They carefully filter out those people and things that are non-productive. They don't put energy where it will not grow into something positive.
Downsizing is about scaling up - focusing - seeing what is really important. It's about NOT wasting time and energy.

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