Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Difference a Year can Make: Front Porch Folk

I look back over the last year with amazement at the great things that developed. Again, I say it's about being positive and being around positive people. I'll name them in the order they happened; Front Porch Folk, Rock On Oil City, CASA and a new organization I'll be talking about soon.
In the next few blogs, I'll take some time to talk about each of them and how I feel about being part of those groups. Each means a lot to me but I'm happy to start with Front Porch Folk - a little hobo band that really started on the Front Porch last year.
By the end of the summer as many as 15 of us crowded the porch singing and playing the old songs I have loved since elementary school music class. We started collecting fun, easy and funky little instruments to get everyone involved. Of course, we have moved inside for the winter AND our singalong has gone on the road.
There is something special happening. It's not tight harmony or amazing instrumental riffs. It's just plain fun. We truly care about each other and want to spread a bit of joy around while sharing memories of songs most everyone knows and loves. It's making a huge difference in our lives because we are lifting one another up while we sing and play. Many in our group are playing instruments they never imagined they could.
It's a bridge that crosses boundaries. We are very diverse in our politics, our religious backgrounds, and family relationships. But we all share a loving spirit and strong sense of community.
The songs are a reflection of our souls. And the funny songs lift our spirits. We see each other and care for each other in new ways. Song has created a bond. If you have not joined us, I hope you will. Be ready to sing and play a funny instrument. Our times together are what I believe heaven is all about.


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