Monday, February 13, 2012

For Valentine's Day

She was widowed at 50. They had raised 7 children during the depression years and through World War II. Just as the 50's grew to promise of better days, she was alone. Living in a modest little stone house, she went to work at the hardware store to try to make ends meet.
A local man stopped in quite often, stayed and chatted a while, bought light bulbs and took off. He stopped in more and more as a few years passed and always bought light bulbs.
At 55, she married him. And when she moved into his house, opened a closet - It was jam packed full of light bulbs.
She was my Grandma. And he was the grandpa I knew - my Grandpa Charlie. He spoiled my grandma with anything she wanted. They traveled the world together. I loved spending time with them. They teased each other and laughed a lot. They were very competitive Yatzee players and I learned a little bit about being rowdy with them. Most of all, I knew they loved each other. Grandma told me he was her one true friend.
And when he had a stroke that left him mostly paralyzed, she cared for him 24/7 - except her weekly bingo game that he did not want her to give up. They died just 7 days apart. Those who knew them well know that was because they could not bear to be apart. And now forever more, they are not.
In my life, they set the standard for love and loving life. I am thankful to have lived long enough to find my one true friend. If you have not, don't dismay - pay attention to the one buying the light bulbs.

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