Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mover's and Shakers

I was quite surprised at the Venango Chamber of Commerce annual dinner to join Connie Shull as Volunteers of the Year. It is rather humbling actually. I'm surrounded by people who serve this community. My circle of friends include people who are contributors to multiple organizations. You see their faces at nearly every major non-profit event. They are the doers in this community.
When you see them at those events, working hard to sell raffle tickets or 50/50's or setting up the room ... What you don't see are the countless hours they have contributed before the event to ensure it's success.
They are not whining and saying "why doesn't somebody"... They are the ones saying "I will".
They are running the non-profit organizations and working many hours beyond their meager pay. And while they run their organization with the skills of CEO's, they are champions and volunteers for other organizations.
Our community is full of many very AWESOME movers and shakers with great heart and commitment. Anything I have contributed is solely due to them carrying me along. So much to write about. Our paper should do a column "profiles in volunteerism". There is no shortage of stories to tell in Venango County. A lot of people are Living Big to make a difference.

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