Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stand for something!

In small town USA we know who's who.  We know who is most likely to do another wrong, who not to do business with and who can or cannot be trusted.  It can be very tough - politically - and the personal is very political.  How much do we turn a blind eye?  How much do we pretend not to know?  How much do we pretend is not really a big deal?  How much do we accept is a greater good and believe the bad stuff will just go away somehow?  Maybe - just maybe - the person doing harm to one will really do some benefit to ------to something.
So, we do not take a stand.  We do not go against the one we know has hurt so many.  Because maybe.... because.... there isn't enough on record...because they have something......because there is this nice side....because....because...because we cannot.
The Jerry Sandusky trial troubles me.  It troubles me most because it is clear that people who knew something was not right, turned a blind eye.  They did it because they thought a charity he headed was too important.  They did it because they thought a sports program he was associated with was too important.
When we turn a blind eye to behavior that we know in our heart and soul is wrong, we had better step up.  If we do not, we are part of the bad behavior.  We are contributing to the wrong doing.  If we know someone is a danger in any way and we turn a blind eye - we help them hurt the next victim.  It does not matter if it is children or adults - it does not matter if the court has weighed in - you know.  DO something - get the house in order.  Stand for something!  Simply don't support what you know is wrong.
If you cannot say NO - then don't say YES.  Don't support something that is wrong.  Don't say you like something that is going to wind up hurting someone.  In this age of social media, your name as a "like" of something is your stamp of approval.  If you "like" everything in an attempt to be politically correct, your liking something has little sway with me.  I want to know you stand for something.

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