Monday, October 8, 2012

We all choose the path we walk.  Sometimes we simply choose not to walk at all because the fork in the road is too difficult a choice.  Choosing to do nothing is a choice too.
Sometimes we find ourselves right in the middle of a battlefield that we did not create.  It's the reason I have often thought I'd be quite content to live a hermit's life.  I don't like battlefields at all.  I struggle with understanding the the need for diplomacy, neutrality and advocacy.  Where do I need to be in any given situation?
Sooner or later we all find ourselves standing in the crossfire between people we care about.  When 2 parties have irreconcilable differences, and we are somehow involved with them, we are affected somehow - some way.  It can be a family dispute, divorce, friendship struggles - we are all suffer collateral damage.  We are forced into choices.
Earlier today as I thought about it, it seemed there were three choices.  A rational person does not want to be standing in the cross fire.  Walk behind the one firing line - the other firing line or head for the bunker.  But there are other choices.
I'm reminded that the most noble and the best for everyone is the path of diplomacy.  Encourage all parties to come to the table and reach an acceptable agreement.  Stop the war and stop it before shots are fired.  If shots have already been fired - look for avenues for a truce.  Stop the WAR!  No one wins a war.  Yes, someone comes out on top, but there is always damage that cannot be undone.
The other choice is neutrality - try to walk both sides of the firing line - pretend there is no war going on.  Read about Switzerland and the WWII legacy to understand where that leads.  The sharks will take advantage of you and you'll be holding things you never intended to hold leaving you as more of an accomplice than a neutral party.
So I'm thinkin' you gotta stand for something.  Take your time.  Look carefully.  Those who love war will keep on it.  They will care little about the collateral damage.  And typically they are defending a position they created for themselves.  It is a needless fight. 

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