Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Treasured Christmas Memories

We all remember Christmas' past.  Treasured memories.  My first guitar was such an unbelievably awesome gift that carries with me today.  And another - a little reel to reel tape recorder that sparked the career path I have followed.  How very magical!  How very magical that the giver would not know at the time what spark they had started!!!
I'm not certain but believe both those treasured gifts were second hand and found at great sacrifice and with special care.  It's the special care that is most treasured by me.  "Santa" could not know where they would carry me.  They have both carried me far.  Those two Christmas mornings stand out.  I still play guitar so many years later.  My career is all about recording messages.
Two others also stand out.  My little brother , age 4, must have been with Santa along the way.  He could not hold a secret and told me I got a typewriter for Christmas.  Much to my surprise, on Christmas morning, there was no typewriter.  It was actually a cash register and my very own corner store.  And he got cardboard building blocks from which we could build a fort.
And that was the last Christmas we had with our mother, December 25 1965.
I cannot imagine how hard the following Christmas was for my father.  But I do remember the Christmas.  We all got ski's.  They had little springs to go around our boots.  Dad took us out and we tested them right away.  Skied on them many times.  And the neighbor across the road gave Mikey a barrel full of monkey's and me pic up sticks.  I remember it still.
So the moral of story is - none of us knows how important a gift may be.  None of us knows if it may be the last.  Follow your heart and do the best you can with what you have.
It is important.  It is meaningful.  It matters. 

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