Monday, December 3, 2012

Where is the religious freedom line?

If you wonder why I scoff at the argument of religious freedom needing protected over gay rights, see what is happening in Uganda.  Religious freedom is no excuse for hate. 
Well, you may say, it's not the US, it's Uganda.
Evangelists from the United States are fueling the passage of this bill.  Killing gay people is at the heart of the religious argument.  The "Kill the gays" bill is popular in Uganda and will likely pass in the Parliament.
During the Chick-fil a controversy, I had friends and family arguing that outrage at the CEO's comments was violating the man's religious freedom.  Some argued that gay rights needed to put on the ballot to determine the outcome.  They could not understand why I felt it was not a ballot issue and further that I didn't think religiously back hate should be protected.
OK folks.  Where do you stand on Uganda? Are you on the side of the religious freedom for US evangelists backing a bill to kill and imprison LGBT people?  Because it's popular in Uganda, do you feel it should be the law?
Who's funding the US evangelists who are going to Uganda and supporting this bill?  Are you?  How about money from Chick fil A?
If this bill passes, LGBT people will be imprisoned and killed.  Further, anyone who knows a person who is LGBT and does not report it, can also face criminal charges.
If you were in Uganda today, where would you stand?  You are in the United States.  Where do you stand?  How deep does your hate go?  How much are you willing to support someone's hate?  Will you help them kill for it?

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