Saturday, September 6, 2014

Do you realize how connected you are to all that is and ever was?
We can see our lives in chapters - beginnings and endings.
Sometimes we see terrible events as terrible events. But somehow those events were connected to something else. Because that event happened, something else happened. We met someone. We did something. We went somewhere. Something happened because of that event.
There are beginnings and endings but those chapters are linked to the next beginning and ending. It is an endless chain that is interconnected. Try to imagine an image that represents it. It's kind of a chain but the chain is interwoven. It's kind of a quilt but the quilt is not exactly in blocks. How can you describe this?
The choices I make influence the person closest to me. We are all creating ripples in the waters of our time. We make a huge splash or a little splash.  We create a tornado or cloud. We create. We do something. Everyone around us is somehow affected by it.
Ok-what is the determining factor? We are all connected. What affects us? What is the effect? Truth is - we get to decide!
You can decide.
You can decide!
Do you want to end the world's suffering?
You can.
You Can.
End your suffering.
End it.
Be done with it.
You are connected to all that is an ever was.
You are a link to an never ending chain.
Stop it!
You can.
You Can.
I will inflict no pain.
I will expect nothing from someone else that I cannot do myself.
I will be thankful for this moment I am given.
Just be the person you are,
Give the gift of you.
Love those who are around you.
Be connected. There is evidence that you are only 6 steps away from any single person in all the world. That means you - YOU - are connecting in a very personal way to billions of people. YES - you matter. Your "small"voice resonates, your voice carries. You are a ripple in the pond. The pond is likely much larger than you realize.

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