Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The means to an end

During WW2 the British held some very high level POW's that they knew had significant information. They placed them in a very nice country manor, made them comfortable and allowed them to interact with one another. They provided their prisoners with information about the war. And they monitored them closely.
These Nazi prisoners talked to each other. They talked about things they knew. The British heard it all. That information paid off. That information was significant. There was no torture. There were no interrogations. They made these prisoners comfortable and let them be. They knew they were prisoners. They knew they were watched. It was most natural, over the course of time, that they would talk to each other. And they did.
The end does not justify the means. And the means does not guarantee an end. There are long term consequences for the things we do. There is a path that has a better end. "Do unto others..."
If we adopt a culture of no limits, we will experience a pain of no limits.

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