Friday, December 19, 2014

Your Dream....

What's your dream?
Often we become mired in the muck of life. There are realities and obligations. At moments we are lucky enough to live out a dream. Few of us live our dreams for long. Often we are waiting for the dream opportunity to land in front of us.
All of my life I have been a dreamer. I recall very early days when someone would say "I'm bored", and I would be stunned. I would respond, "we could do xx" or "let's do xx" and they would be "bored". Life is full of options and opportunities. How can we be bored?
As a dreamer, I tend to think a lot. If this happens, I can do that. If that happens, I can do this. Looking back I realize I've actually lived a lot of dreams. Some dreams lived out the way I thought they would or better than I thought they would. Some dreams didn't. But I lived them out. I lived them.
Still I dream. There are so many things I could be doing. So many things I would love to do. I dream. I even dream about how my end days might be. If this, then how could it be? If that, then how could it be? I dream.
Our possibilities are endless. As long as we live - as long as we dream - there is something.
For me, the dream is to touch a life somehow. If in all my days, I can touch a life and offer something that will pay forward, I will be living a dream.  To touch the life right in front of me, this moment, in this place, in this time and forever more - that is a dream.


  1. i have always been a dreamer...and could entertain myself for hours, I can say I have NEVER been bored...more likely to have wished I could have been able to clone myself to have been able to do more, do all the things I read about, dreamed about or all the numerous invitations to join others in their adventures. I was lucky to have had lots of siblings & cousins to have around to play with...because (quoting Linda here) I would wear them out and they would take turns and pass on when one would become exhausted from my energy. I still dream but no longer do I let things like, not ladylike, you can't afford that, age appropriate, you should be...there's a balance out there that sometimes you just need to just let go and do it. I've reached the half-way point (Gran did live to be 100) and I plan to live it L-A-R-G-E, kick up my heels, then hoop and holler to the end. But most important, make those memories that when I am long gone that people will look back fondly upon me and a little smile will just suddenly emerge across their face.

    1. You Go Girl! And still you have the energy of a pack of us.