Friday, May 8, 2015

Heavenly Thought

"In heaven", she asked, "what happens if two people had a personality conflict in life?"
She challenged me to write about this from a spiritual perspective. Interesting question.
Imagine one of those annoying people in your life. If you both wind up in heaven - for eternity - how's that going to work? I've often mused about the shock some people may experience in discovering people they have condemned standing at the Pearly Gate.  Perhaps there is much more going on in the spiritual world than a simple - heaven, earth, hell scenario can possibly explain.
Growing up in a Christian church, I was taught that heaven is perfect. It's a place of peace, filled with pure love and there is no suffering. Looking around here on earth, there are a lot of conflicts and plenty of suffering. There are as many conflicts in churches as any place else. Some churches actually fan the flames of conflict and cause suffering. The same spirit we carry around here on earth is going to move on to the next place. Will our spirit instantaneously have some miraculous change when we die? Will we suddenly see the full truth of love and peace that we can not fully see on earth?
The whole thing is a bit perplexing. If there is a miraculous switch that can suddenly provide our spirit with full understanding of love and peace - end suffering - why would we have to die to get it?
On earth we are given many opportunities to learn to love, create a peaceful life around us, and end suffering for ourselves and others. Some people are very good at it. They face all the same challenges the rest of us do, but their lives are filled with love, peace and they don't draw in senseless suffering. They are the spirit filled people. They focus their efforts on positive things and creating positive outcomes. Their prayers are their actions. Their beliefs are expressed, not in words, but in deeds consistently pursued in the knowledge that god is everywhere in everyone. They know heaven is not a destination, it is an action. Heaven is love and peace and the end of suffering. When we understand that, we will arrive in heaven. Our spirits will not rest until they arrive there. And when we arrive there, personality conflicts will be over.
It's nice to think a sudden switch flips and boom - we are in heaven - all is perfect. There's probably a little more to it. I do believe our spirits will be provided every opportunity to learn and grow. Just as it is here, it's up to us to learn it. From a spiritual perspective, it's probably a good thing to get over personality conflicts now. It's a heavenly thought.

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