Sunday, January 24, 2016

Get on with it!!!!

From an early age I was fiercely competitive and independent minded. Before double digits there was no telling me I could not do something because I was a girl. I would simply set out to prove I could indeed do it and do it better than any boy. The neighbor boy across the road was my nemesis and our most important competitions revolved around our bike riding. It was a confidence builder. I could ride further without hands. I rode faster. I did longer wheelies. I jumped my bike further over obstacles. (and broke my bike more)
I entered broadcasting in an age when few women were on the air. When I reported in at my first Armed Forces Radio and Television station, the Station manager said, "You need to know the 'broad' in broadcaster does not stand for women and I feel there is no place for you here."
In my early years in the mining industry as I carried cameras underground, I was often the first woman to ever enter the mine. "There's a superstition about women being bad luck underground", I heard at the first few mines.
Always I was driven by a deep desire to make my own way and refused to be defined by others. I proved that I would carry my own load and do better than any man. Convention and conventional wisdom are boring to me if there is a more obvious truth. Status quo, in my mind, is a foolish squander of potential. We should always be driving toward something better and something more than was yesterday.
I see a lot of chatter about conservatism versus liberalism. Blah, blah, blah. What is anyone working toward that is better or more than yesterday? I don't care if it is a conservative approach or a literal approach. What is going to make things better tomorrow than they are today?
Sitting still is not enough. Ignoring talent and potential is not enough. Telling me we cannot do anything like telling me I can't do something because I'm a girl.
Let's get on with it. If we are going to preserve something today, tell me how it's going to benefit tomorrow. I can tell you when it has. I can tell you when it has not.
Don't tell me we cannot solve real problems because....because...because....
I believe in progress. I'd rather jump over you and ride faster than sit and listen to what cannot be done. All the can't stuff of history did not stop me from doing all the things girls couldn't do when I was starting. I know what can be done if a person decides they can. An entire nation - especially the United States - can actually do a few things, if they decide they can.

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