Saturday, January 30, 2016

The People's Voice

Recently we became aware of an interesting dynamic in British government where the people can petition for something to be debated in Parliament. The process is described on this link -
This is a great way for common citizens to have a direct influence on what is discussed by elected representatives. The United States and our individual state legislatures should have this option.
With the influence of lobbyists and big money donors controlling our legislative, this could be a path to give a greater voice to real voters.
There are many issues that Americans feel strongly about that simply never make it the floor of our legislative bodies as they avoid publicly stating their positions. For example, Congress has not debated or voted concerning our strategy in Syria. Our representatives should be taking a stand and voting about this sort of issue.
The Congress should be debating about a proposed replacement (if there really is one) to the Affordable Care Act. We should petition for that debate. If there is a better plan, let's hear it. Let's hear a debate about it.
It would be very good if we, the people, began having some say - some control, over what is happening or not happening in our legislative bodies. Our votes only matter if the people we vote for actually work for our interests. This election theme - on both sides of the isle - seems to be one of great dis-satisfaction with the current system. No president can change that alone. We need some major systemic changes to take place.
Our government needs to be OUR government. That means a government that is working toward a better society for ALL. That's a tall order. It calls for all voices to be heard. It calls for vision toward a greater good. It calls for compromise and a collective effort in the same direction. We are all connected. We are only as strong as our weakest links. No amount of money, no walls, no attempts at divisions can protect us from the repercussions that come from ignoring those parts of society that are broken. We will all feel the pain of those suffering one way or another.
Government should be our greatest agent for collective solution of social pain and suffering. A purely capitalist social system has little interest in pain and suffering that does not create wealth. In fact, it seeks only to gain wealth from pain and suffering. This is why we are experiencing so much anger in this country. We have become so enamored by creation of and protection of wealth that we are becoming an impoverished nation. We're crumbling and fumbling to survive while powerful interests are raking in more and more the national wealth and continuing to gain power to protect their interests.
We don't need to worry about terrorists. We're torn apart from those within our own borders. If we don't regain a democracy that represents US and works to a collective improvement for ALL, this experiment will fail sooner than later.

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