Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sharing Purpose

Why am I here? What is my purpose?
Most of us have asked that question at one point in our lives.
Look back. Look forward. Look inside.
We did not come into this world alone. We have not come to this present moment in isolation. Many people and many circumstances led us to this moment in time.
What did those people- past- see for us? What did they hope for us to carry forward? How did those past circumstances mold us, shape us, project us to this day? Our potential started there. Our promise started there.
What did they see that we may be missing? What did they hope that we have not yet understood? Our promise started there. Our vision for tomorrow starts there - now. If we want to fulfill our promise, we should routinely look back. Sometimes our trajectory was caused by what they said we could not be but we, ourselves, saw more. Acknowledge that. It can remind us that what others do not see now does not limit our potential.
You determine your purpose! You drive your potential.
But you also determine with whom you share a vision for tomorrow - for yourself and for those around you. Seek people who drive toward and focus you toward a better future. Become the person who sees something more for those around you.
You are here to create something more for yourself and for others. The greater your ability to create shared vision, the greater your sense of purpose for yourself. It's about connection. Your needs are not so different from your neighbor. Shared vision and shared purpose will transcend all obstacles. Seek these things and we find our purpose - together - a very nice place to be - together in harmony and understanding.