Sunday, February 21, 2016

On some issues, I'm very Conservative.

Many would label me liberal or progressive. I don't mind but in some ways I'm extremely conservative. For example, if I had my way all movies would be PG-13. I don't like violence, gratuitous sex or vulgar language. It seems to me a story can be told without those kinds of things and we'll still get the point.
Extravagance for the sake of showiness is not my cup of tea either. I'd rather have great times with someone than have material things. I would splurge for the great time not bragging rights. Wealth is measured in character not possessions.
It seems to me, we should take a conservative approach to some issues where there is over reach and we are overly liberal. On many things we are not so cautious. I'm a veteran but feel we are far too liberal with our spending on the military. We're far too liberal with our desire to wage wars.
We are too liberal with our admiration of money and power. We are too liberal in protecting money and power. As a result money can buy unlimited power.
On many issues I am quite conservative. And many conservatives are actually quite liberal.

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