Sunday, May 15, 2016

Recently I watched a Ted Talk about how humans are different from other creatures. In the talk he said it's our ability to create - our imagination. We have created elaborate things - elaborate systems - intricate "realities".
Think about any major concern you have and ask yourself if your dog, cat or the bird outside your window cares a bit about it. Hmmm? Didn't Jesus say something about that?
It seems that 99.9% of the things we worry about, fight about, and consume our thinking are totally made up by us - human kind. Money, a "work week", political systems, religious theology, highway systems, technology - humans create it. If we don't like how they are working, we need to change the reality. At some point every one of the things I mentioned above came from an individual with an idea. They shared that idea and convinced people to join in.
So, if we don't like what is going on, we need to create something else that actually works. If you think you have the right answer, please don't hold out on us. I'm ready to get behind the next great idea. It's not out there or up there with people who are touting more of the same old thing. It's right here at our level. We are the creators. Let's get something done. Here. You. Me.

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