Sunday, May 22, 2016

What are you growing?

It's rather amazing that 3 little packets of seeds can result in hundreds of plants. Each of those plants will have seeds that can yield hundreds of plants. And on and on. Just one seed can eventually create an entire forest if given a chance to grow and flourish.
It's a miraculous example of the circle of life. It's an example of how very small things can create enormous impact if they grow and flourish.
Everyday, often without purpose or great thought, we all plant seeds through our thoughts, words and deeds. We hope that our negative thoughts, words and deeds don't take hold and grow. We hope that our positive ones grow and flourish.
The negative ones are weeds that choke out the positive. It's important to realize that. Those weeds can take over our life and leave no room for the seeds we want to grow. We would not fertilize and water the weeds in the garden. We would fertilize and water the good plants and eliminate the weeds. We put our time and energy into what we want to grow in our garden. Get rid of the weeds early and it's not so hard to keep them from taking over. If we let them grow, we've got a tougher job to do.
We should give more thought to the types of seeds we are planting every day. Be focused on the reminders of how our seeds are growing. Reminders are all around us if we become aware.
Have you heard yourself say "I'll never forget what xxxx did?" It may be good or it may be bad. It's a seed that person planted and it grew with you. How many people did you tell how that person made you feel? The seed grew with you and you planted more seed from it. A forest grows just like that.
When someone takes time to tell you they appreciate and enjoy something you do, it's a reminder of a seed you planted with them. Be joyful in that reminder. Let that be a seed that grows your determination to tell someone else how you appreciate and enjoy them. That's how a forest grows.
Every once in a while, we do need to caution friends and neighbors about an invasive weed. We want to be cautious not to give it a kind of energy that could actually help it grow.
Over the course of time, you'll begin to notice there are fewer weeds as you grow the positive. You will attract positive people. You will experience positive growth. As you become more aware of the seeds you're planting, you will see that even the smallest, seemingly insignificant thoughts, words and deeds are growing something. Tend the seeds you want to grow.

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