Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Those horrible things and horrible people...

It's unsettling to note how much time we spend talking about what shouldn't be, what we don't want, what shouldn't have happened and how horrible other people are or were. Sometimes we hold onto those hatreds for years, decades and keep them boiling over and over again.
How much time do you spend focused on what's wrong and who's wrong?
When that becomes a driving force in our life, several things happen. We're giving that wrong person or thing a great deal of our energy and we're not putting that energy into positive things we could be doing. There's a great deal of depth in the saying "Be the change you want to see".
When we are pushing against someone or something, there's generally equal or more force pushing back. It's highly unlikely that we'll make any progress and quite likely we'll waste a lot of time and energy. Often, we've simply stirred a pot of negative energy all the way around.
Once when I was in that mode, someone said simply "dis-engage". I soon realized I was dragging a huge suitcase full of hostility and anger that was achieving nothing but creation of more hostility and anger.
"Be the change you want to see." Shake the dust off your shoes and move on. Do something positive with that energy that actually helps someone. You'll soon see that the person most helped is you.
Anger and hostility weaken the spirit and sicken the soul. Heal yourself and heal the world.

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