Friday, March 24, 2017

Step to the plate

There are really good people working everyday to do significant things in our community. If you have ever been one of those people or helping to support those people, you know it requires a lot of work. Every time we take on a project, we don't know what we don't know. If it's significant and it's new, it will be challenging. A project nearly always grows if it is worthy and significant. It's work!
If you have ever been one of these people or helping to support those people, you know there will be some arm chair quarterbacks. They will be the ones telling you everything you are doing wrong and doing little else. They will demand. They will denounce. They will criticize. What they won't do is actually DO. They won't take responsibility for actually DOING anything. They simply KNOW how it ought to be done by someone else.
This type of person can suck the life out of a project and waste energy in dealing with their nonsense. If you find that every conversation with a person includes criticism of how OTHERS are doing things and every time that person's name comes up in conversation you learn how they have criticized someone, it's time to assess the value of that person's contribution.
Doing significant things in a community is hard work. We need to work together and help one another. We need to step up and contribute our skills when others may be struggling. It's not enough to criticize and say "someone needs to". Be that someone. Bringing a wrecking ball to a project is not the same as contribution. You don't build a project by knocking over all the other contributors. You roll up your sleeves and DO what you insist needs done or build great collaboration with those that CAN do what you cannot.

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